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Edgy, fancy, hipster. Let's create this Marketing Myth.

Wake up Sales Team. You need some colors too.

Your product is lit, where is its stage though?

It's all about the base and the story.


No Marketing, No Business.

Just like the party without Martini story. Starting from scratch with a new marketing strategy, plan and message I will help you to develop a new chapter of your marketing story. Sometimes the company is too big to think un-corporate and the courage is hidden underneath a lot of paperwork and daily routine. I am here for you to black out the standards of company-thinking and re-start a creative process with you and your teams. We will analyse your target groups, your portfolio and double check this with your business plan & goals. I will then do some researches on your brand & channels and get all available material you have about the product, service or campaign you want to launch or (re-)develop. After the briefing and researching phase I will start my creative hours cycle and work on something great for you. I will then present a catalogue of suggestions and directions you could take from there. And of course there will be time to re-work and further elaborate one or more of the directions you like. I have experience in developing a marketing strategy, find brand-, product- & service names that will stand out and create campaign stories. I will sit down with you and redefine target groups and specify how to talk to them. If you want to hire me on a project base this can be done without any problems, the more I get to know you and your business the easier it will be to elaborate the right content & story for you.



Everything touches Everything.

I entered the world of sales & brand management with a huge marketing background which helped me to see the landscape in a completely different light. When the numbers are doing well nobody dares to change anything, but it is in times of challenges and slow-down that you need to give some space for creativity in the world of numbers and forecasts. How to convince new partners and clients about your novelties, which story to tell the staff in retail when sell-out is struggling? Training stories are key for every brand who works with a sales force, as they will talk the end-customer into a purchase if you are not a pull brand yet. I will help you to review your training and internal communication strategy and come up with improvements or new implementations in order to revive and add some magic to the “same old story”. We will trigger motivation and spark some passion amongst the teams. How to activate the POS, which promotion to run, what GWP to give...everything touches everything and this means that with a good story you can create a perfect brand & sales environment. Everything will make sense & be authentic and therefore will be better remembered by staff & customer. Sales tales should be re-written and training is crucial. These are my key learnings from my sales experience. Together with you I can work on your sales stories, key facts, trainings, promotion campaigns and all themes touched by the overall sales message.



A star is born.

We are talking about the product creation itself, giving it a irresistible character and presenting it to your audience. I like to refer to customers as an audience, because this is what they are today. The brands invent, create and develop a product and present it on the stage of social media, through digital voices, with the help of PR and in the showcases of the stores. 

I can help you to develop a talking-piece product. We can match your brand with another brand, a designer, a relevant person, an institution or a trending and important topic like sustainability which will help to get you more attentions, brand awareness and the desired wow-effect.


Nowadays your content must also be shareable. Even more when we are talking about a new product launch. This crucial moment must be well prepared, planned and staged. But between development and presentation there are some blank pages to be fill with a great story. And this is were creative consulting comes in very handy. I will help you to find a concept about your product & service, some USPs, a charming background and dip it in a very delicious glazing. Possibilities are endless, you just need the right trigger to unleash thousands of ideas. We will find this trigger together with your product development team.



Be a voice not an echo.

To be able to define your brand strategy you need to know where you position yourself in the market. The brand strategy is the soul & identity of your endeavor to run a successful business and attain the desired clientele. If you don‘t have a brand strategy yet or want to revive and remodel it, I will help you to define emotional benefits of your company and portfolio. We will review these together and chose the ones representing who you want to be and the image your customers should have in mind when being exposed to your brand name and products. That‘s what your brand should illustrate. We will also create your brand story & personality. This statement must be broken down into all brand materials and live inside and outside your company structure. The perfect brand strategy leads to the following result: customers know exactly what you deliver and it is easy to start a dialogue with new prospects because your strategy is clear, easy to understand and well reflected in all parts of your company. Let's start working on your game plan and make your story a bestseller.

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