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Choosing the right name when first starting a business is one of the crucial steps to call the audiences attention, to be memorized, recognized and put on the radar by potential clients and partners. You have worked very hard on developing your idea on your brand, product, service, project and employee branding campaign. I leave this expertise to you and invite you to pick my brain to help you fine tune these masterworks with the right names and if you want, also a matching strategy and concept to communicate them as a whole and comprehensive message. I am an expert in creative matter, use this asset to your advantage and continue to focus on your core business. We will make you stand out. Your business is unique let’s name it that way.


As a company you might find it difficult to navigate through the jungle of offers and prices and direction of sponsoring in which you could invest your marketing budgets in. I can help you to define your sponsoring strategy & message. Depending on your marketing budget I will then be able to give you some suggestions of themes and areas you could explore and get active in. The activity and event has to match with your brand strategy and help to fulfill the targets set in your business plan. In addition I can research some opportunities for you and also create a sponsorship activation together with your team and the respective organization. We will create a story with sense and impact.


At the POS, online, in the social media spheres, all these channels should be synchronized in terms of the brand message. But depending on the recipient of the message it should be adapted to the outcome desired by you as a brand. The story is the same but needs to be translated, explained, and sometimes modified. Some are trainers, some are vendors, some are ambassadors, some are colleagues, some are just over loaded with so many messages in a very short time. Let’s define the right message for all of them. I will look into your channels and audiences and we will break down the message according to the result you envisage & define.

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